Saturday, March 17, 2012

Updating home

We are updating our home. We moved into my inlaws home four years ago. Talk about downsizing! We went from five bedrooms, three baths to three bedrooms and one bath. I still think it was a good move because it also has a barn and pasture. I no longer need the house to keep up and I love being outside in the garden and canning. However, the house needed some work. We are making one of the bedrooms into a larger bath. Have you ever worked with your husband on diy projects? My husband and I are always working together. It doesn't necessarily get easier, we just know there will not actually be deaths and at the end of the day we sleep in the same bed! We hope to finish the bath and get the tile down in the kitchen before nice riding weather. The rest of the kitchen diy will have to wait till next winter. We only work on indoor projects when we can't do anything outside.
Most of the work, at this point, has been done under the floor putting in new plumbing and updating old plumbing. I will take more pictures as things progress. This will not be a "high end" bath, just a bath that will, hopefully, take care of two people getting older. I have to laugh when I watch DIY and see them with a $30,000 budget? for a bathroom. Hello! unfortunely I live out here in the real world.

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