Friday, April 22, 2011

Adventures in Life

This day started out the way some days do when you are part of a farm. Hot cup of coffee, quiet time to think, cozy pjs, and the companionship of my spoiled pekingese,Boggie Baby. Blaring blast of the phone... calves out!...............fence repair.............bull problems. Hurry! Hurry! Dress for drizzling rain of course, nothing wants to go on forbidden territory if its a nice day. When we got there most of the excitement was over. Its really good when you don't live right where the cows are pastured. The calves had gone back by themselves, the bull left when the truck, being larger than him, arrived. The killjoys, namely son, daughter-in-law, father, and I were left to fix fence and enjoy a rainy morning together. You know what? This is really why a person farms, not to make money, but for the rainy mornings that families come together to work, laugh, drink coffee, and plan for the next great adventure of life.


  1. Hi Dreamer Lady,

    Welcome to blogger land. :)

    This was a great first post. I look forward to reading more about your adventures.


  2. Hahaha! I needed a good chuckle this am!! Of course it would be boring if the animals got out when it was nice out! I do like a cup of coffee in the morning too, but I like mine iced! Great post! Oh and small farm girl sent me over!

  3. Welcome to the dark side, er, I mean, the blog side!!! :)

    SFG sent me here & looking forward to future posts!

    Carolyn @ Krazo Acres

  4. Great post! I know exactly what you mean. There is nothing like working together as a family on our small homestead.