Sunday, April 24, 2011


Eight o'clock Easter evening and all is quiet. Like the rest of you, holidays carry a mixture of happy and sad memories for me. Having had three brothers and one sister we didn't need anyone else to have an egg hunt. We played with them till they wore out! My children did the same with neices and nephews included. The field between our house and my MIL's house had stray eggs in it for weeks.
Had a small glich in dinner this year. All the things I normally do the evening before had to wait till today, because the electric went out when the storms went through about 5 o'clock and didn't come back on till about 5 this morning. I don't think they missed deserts too much.
I think you know these pictures are not from Easter. It is in the fall, when we make apple butter. Just ran across the picture and thought you might enjoy it. The piece of tin is around the fire because the wind was making it hard to control. Children, grandchildren, and great grand- children, everybody works for apple butter!
Time to go put up th chickens and feed the puppies. Remember " If you wake up in the morning you have a whole new shot at this thing called life."


  1. Love your last sentence and I'm ever so glad it's true*wink*
    Hey, your DIL smallfarm girl sent us over to say good morning, so... without further ado, Good Morning, glad to meet you :o) Stop in and visit The Never Done Farm. Not much in the way of posting hapening right now as we're heavily into Spring time chores and planting, but you can take a look around at our older posts :o)

    Blessings for your week,

  2. Smallfarm girl told us to stop by. So happy to meet you! I'm enjoying your posts.