Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It Must Be Raining Goats?

Well it is raining and I do have another goat. My goat was walking around crying and not eating all day, so I came up with the idea that she was lonely. Goats are herd animals after all. The up shot of this is that I bought another goat to keep her company. This is an alpine bottle baby. The problem is, she doesn't seem to know she should take a bottle. I wind up wrestling her into a headlock and more or less squirting the milk into her. She is very pretty. I'll take pictures when the rain stops. I'll dry the milk off first.!
I raise Pekingese puppies to sell. I am not advertising, I have a question to ask you. Has anyone ever advertised through the paper and the net and been approached by scammers. Out of four replies to my ad I got, you guessed it, four scammers. I used to work, part time, at the city police station, so I have seen quite a few and these are so old I couldn't believe they were still around. My granddaughter said if I had been selling dobermans instead of small fluffy dogs it would never have happened. lol
Now that I have plenty of raw milk, I am going to try to make cheese. I have thought about it for several years. If anyone out there has any advice or recipes, please, feel free to share! I may be getting in over my head since I haven't even made yogurt!
Thought for the day: You hear so many people talk about the end of the time. When you die, that is the end of your time and that is really all that matters. Make the most of the time you have, don't waste time on bad decisions.


  1. I have had real good results ordering from He also has recipes and lots of help!

  2. Goats seem to be the way to go these days...LOL...I think I will stick to puppies/dogs/cats LOLOL....and if I didn't have a new toy poodle named Princess...I would be after one of those pekes....shot...I just might hit a weak moment and get one anyway LOL...but hubby would not be a happy camper...we have two dogs...Max a shih tzu...about 8...and Princess a toy poodle...six months old...and a one bedroom apartment....gets kinda dicey around here from time to time LOL...specially with all this rain...and Princess won't go outside in the rain...housetraining is taken to the next level NOT!!!! good luck with the cheese...I get mine at the dairy isle LOLOL...hugs from Lexington...