Saturday, April 23, 2011

Another Rainy Morning

This is, so far, is a slow morning. When the weather is better I will probably not talk to you for periods of time. Lke the children, when the sun shines I run outside and play.
I will attempt to tell you a bit about myself. I am married and mom and stepmom to five children, all grown. We live within about five miles of each other, which satisfies my mother hen complex. I have seven grandchildren and one great grandchild. Not long ago I retired from driving school bus. I have worked most of my life so that was tricky.
My husband and I ride a Gold Wing and horses. Seems like an unlikely combo, but we manage. This is a picture from a ride we took one sunday last summer.
We also have a pretty large garden and either freeze or can anything possible. I love to come up with quick meals in a jar, so if anyone has any ideas please share.
Well, people are getting out of bed now, must cook. Until next time remember"Don't just float down the river of life........pan for gold!"


  1. great little motto to keep in mind! I like that!

  2. Hi Dreamer Lady...just stopped by for the first time via request from DIL...and I am from Kentucky also...great city of Lexington..I also have a blog so stop by sometime and say hello..and oh yes...before I forget...your blog is very nice...and comfy reading..God Bless us...Everyone